April 7th Was World Health Day, Celebrating our Nurses and Midwives in the time of COVID-19


“Nurses are the heart of healthcare.”

Donna Wilk Cardillo

Where would we be without the healthcare workers, the nurses, and so many others on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19? We thank them, we honor them, we respect them, we appreciate them, and we love them for what they are doing during this difficult time. And, wholeheartedly, we support them.

The purpose of World Health Day this year was to celebrate nurses and midwives and consider the key role they play in helping to keep the world healthy.

And that key role,  with the current pandemic, has suddenly gotten even more critical. Note what Jessica Baker, a public health nurse in north Georgia who administers COVID-19 tests, told CNN: “No matter where I end up for the day, I always hit the ground running and don’t stop until it’s time to go home. These are uncharted waters and I want to make sure that I am able to provide the community with the most up-to-date information as we receive it.”¹ she says.

As hospitals fight the coronavirus battle, many pregnant women are searching for alternatives to the hospital experience; as a result, they are turning to midwives for assistance with their pregnancies.

Nurse-Midwife Michelle Palmer reports  to USA Today, concerning COVID-19, that she is seeing “an exponential increase” at her practice and is hearing from other midwives in similar situations. “There are all different kinds of midwives in our country wanting to be part of the solution and be of service to our communities in any way we can,”² Palmer said.

We each have a unique opportunity at this time to support these hard-working healthcare professionals. How so? By following the guidelines for social distancing, hand washing, and staying home as much as possible. By doing these things, we are making their jobs just a little bit easier as they move forward in the COVID-19 fight.

So let’s give our nurses and other healthcare workers our complete support and love during one of the hardest times in history to be a healthcare worker.

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