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Virtual Showroom Visits Are Still A Great Idea! Please Join Us!


In coping with the travel and safety concerns brought on by the pandemic, we began offering virtual showroom visits to our customers – with a great, positive response from those who have taken advantage of this new way to visit our beautiful 10,000-foot showroom.

As travel restrictions ease, and we move into a post-pandemic world, virtual showroom visits are still a great idea.

Watch our video, above, and notice some of the benefits:

Your virtual escape

Even with restrictions easing, travel and meeting with others in person can be stressful. Make a virtual showroom visit your virtual escape.

Graham-Field Design

Enjoy looking at beautiful fabrics and sophisticated furniture pieces from where you feel most comfortable.

Your time

Your virtual visit will be broken up into three steps: First, you will enjoy a conference call where you can talk through the desired design styles, color schemes, and finishes for your project. Next is the virtual showroom video call. Finally, a follow-up with a design portfolio sent to you based on selections made during your virtual visit. At every step of the way, your questions will be answered, and your concerns addressed. This is your time, for as long as you need, to be happy with your project.

Your team

Your sales representative will be joined by a project manager, and one of our designers. So, this will be your team, dedicated to the successful implementation of your project from start to finish.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with your team! Whether it’s renovating an existing facility or bringing a new facility to life, our Basic American team has the skill and knowledge to make your project a success. Whether in person or virtually, won’t you join us soon and explore our beautiful showroom?


About GF Health Products, Inc.

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