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Total Design Team: Addressing a Serious Mattress Concern


What do you think when you hear the word design? Do you think of a beautiful space? A well-placed room layout? When you work with our Total Design Team, you not only get a beautiful design, you get an up-to-date design planned with wellness in mind. Our designers have extensive experience designing projects with the unique safety requirements of seniors always as their first priority.

One of the most serious safety concerns in choosing mattresses for seniors is pressure ulcer (bedsore) related issues. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality* states that 2.5 million patients are affected by pressure ulcers. Graham-Field’s extensive mattress line offers design features and therapy options to help treat and prevent pressure-ulcer-related health concerns, while offering premium comfort for healthy sleep and rest.

Graham-Field is proud to offer high quality mattresses with the option of foam or alternating pressure / low air loss features.

Among the Foam Mattress choices is the Lumex Select Comfort Series, made in the USA, which offers different mattresses to accommodate a person’s requirements, from low-risk to high-risk pressure ulcers. Warranties are available on mattresses and covers. This series of mattresses, shown above, is constructed of tri-laminate foam with a soft heel zone.

For those at highest risk for pressure-related health issues, a powered air mattress, shown above, might be the best option. Graham-Field’s line of Alternating Pressure / Low Air Loss Mattresses is designed to offer this type of support. The air cells are constructed for maximum support and comfort, devised to aid in pressure-ulcer-related health issues. Fluid-resistant covers help control moisture. Warranties are available on mattresses and pumps.From extensive research and careful quality controls, Graham-Field’s state-of-the-art technology in its support surfaces line offers healthy rest.

A Basic American Total Design project assures peace of mind that your resident rooms and common areas will have some of the very best safety features in the industry, and you will be working with an accredited designer who stays current with all of the codes needed to complete your project safely.

Both virtual and in-person visits are available at our 10,000-foot showroom located at our corporate office in Atlanta, Georgia. Why not schedule a visit today?


The information offered here is not medical advice and is not intended to replace guidance offered by your medical professionals.



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