resident sitting area

Total Design — Delighted To Meet the Needs of Customer, Resident, and Staff


Much more than just filling space, designing for an extended care facility means building relationships and making many people happy.

Our experienced designers understand this, and put their hearts into their designs, with the customer, resident, and staff in mind. How do they do it?

The Customer

A facility’s owner or administrator has expectations of filling their facility to maximize resident count. Our designers, along with the customer’s sales representative and project manager, understand this and proceed with complete project management to meet these needs at budget and on time.

The Resident

Designing a warm, inviting space for a resident is important to our designers! While function is needed in a resident space, our team creates a space with people in mind. Therefore, the resident room is not cold and institutional, it is truly somewhere the resident can call home. Important safety features available for resident rooms include: underbed lighting, assist devices for getting in and out of bed, and pressure-relieving mattresses. Also, the modern senior will appreciate that Basic American beds have a built-in USB power supply for easy access to charge cell phones and other electronic devices.

The Staff

Happy to make the lives of our health heroes easier, Basic American offers options such as fabrics with cleanable, moisture-barrier backing, user-friendly staff controls for beds, and patient lifts that make patient transfers easier and safer for staff and resident.

Relationships are vital to the total design experience our talented staff offers.

Why not schedule a virtual or in-house visit to our showroom to discover how our team can put their heart and soul into your upcoming project?


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