National Eye Injury Prevention Month: Taking Care of Your Eyes as You Stay Home

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure Ben Franklin July is National Eye Injury Prevention Month With the extra time at home, have you been tempted to tackle those home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off for some time? Use caution and protect your eyes! The previously mentioned article says that nails and screws can launch

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Allergies, Asthma, and Where Does the HME Provider Fit In?

It’s official — pollen season has begun across the U.S.! The trees have started to bloom, the flowers have begun to blossom, and if you have allergies, you probably have a love/hate relationship with spring. The beautiful weather tempts you to go outside, but once you’re out there, you’re sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and have red, itchy eyes, right? You may not know that

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Men’s Health Tips for an Active Retirement

So you’ve finally made it to retirement — congratulations! You’re moving into a new season of life, one where you no longer have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive or take the train to work. You can celebrate not having to endure those tedious meetings or make small talk at the water cooler! As author Scott

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