Patient Transport, Treatment and Care

When a patient arrives at a healthcare facility, they are in need of your care and attention; part of that care is safely transporting them through your facility. Any form of transportation can cause stress to the patient as well as pose a safety risk to the caregiver. There are many options available today that cannot only safely transport your

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GF Health Products, Inc., Introduces Lumex® Wide Clinical Care Recliner with Drop Arm

Comfort – Functionality – Durability There is a growing need for bariatric products as the overweight patient population continues to increase in number. GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) is proud to add the Wide Clinical Care Recliner with Drop Arm to its Lumex Healthcare Seating line in response to this need. The 450 pound weight capacity (evenly distributed), wider seat,

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Color: Helping Define Healthcare Products and Environments

Ask anyone their favorite color and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Color is one of the most subjective topics the world over. Color can make someone happy, reflective, and even calm someone down. Color can make a statement about who you are, how you’re feeling, and what you want to say. Colors can speak louder than words. At GF

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AMERICAN MADE — First and Always

While many bemoan the loss of American manufacturing to overseas outsourcing, many companies here in America have been steadily increasing not only the number of products manufactured in the USA, but have greatly expanded their domestic production capacity. According to the Institute of Supply Management, the Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) was at 57% for the month of June 2017, signaling

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Millennials and Baby Boomers: What’s the Difference?

Actually, quite a bit. While the Congress and the President debate the direction of healthcare, their primary attention is on the Baby Boomer Generation, i.e., those people born between the years 1946 and 1964. And for all the right reasons. Every day, this group is spending and consuming more healthcare dollars than ever before. However, a funny thing has recently

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The Kidneys: Your Body’s Filter and Regulator

We are wrapping up National Kidney Month! It’s a great time to remember just how important the kidneys are to your overall health and well-being. Among your most important body parts, the kidneys are two fist-sized organs located in your lower back. The kidneys help maintain your overall health by performing several critical functions. What Your Kidneys Do Filter the waste products

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The Eyes Have It!

“You’ll put your eye out!” “Don’t look at the sun!” “Wear eye protection!” I think we can all agree, our eyesight is one of our most precious senses. The ability to see allows us to enjoy art, keep our balance, recognize a loved one, or simply read a book. The health of our eyes is of critical importance to our overall

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aging with grace

Aging with Grace: There’s No Shame in Asking for a Hand

It’s a simple fact of aging gracefully.  While we all want to live healthy and fulfilling lives, with age we lose some of our reflexes, balance and the ability to recover quickly from an injury.  Part of living independently as we get older comes with getting more comfortable in asking for a hand from time to time. Don’t worry –

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homecare retail sales graham field

Sell This = Sell That: The Strength of Cross-Promotion in Retail Sales

As a follow-up to the earlier article, “Four Ways HME Providers Can Overcome Retail Goliaths”, here are some additional merchandising ideas to increase your retail sales. More importantly, these ideas can demonstrate to your customers that you know and understand their issues and have the right products to help them live at home. One of the main complaints about large retailers

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dialysis recliner

Selecting a Suitable Dialysis Recliner for Soothing Patient Care

Undergoing dialysis is often a painful, time-consuming, and uncomfortable procedure for the patient. For the caregiver, the challenges come in preparing a patient, cleaning a dialysis station, and caring for the patient while they are undergoing the procedure. Using a comfortable, adjustable recliner especially made for dialysis procedures can go a long way in helping both the patient’s and the care provider’s

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