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Sell This = Sell That: The Strength of Cross-Promotion in Retail Sales

As a follow-up to the earlier article, “Four Ways HME Providers Can Overcome Retail Goliaths”, here are some additional merchandising ideas to increase your retail sales. More importantly, these ideas can demonstrate to your customers that you know and understand their issues and have the right products to help them live at home. One of the main complaints about large retailers

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Graham-Field Introduces the Lumex Patriot LX Homecare Bed

Atlanta, Georgia, July 1, 2013: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GF Health Products, Inc “Graham-Field” is proud to introduce the all-new Lumex Patriot LX Homecare Bed. This unique design will offer Homecare Providers a bed that is easier to deliver, set up and maintain, making the bed’s lifetime cost in use one of the lowest in the industry. “We wanted to completely rethink

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