GF Health Products, Inc. is Proud to Introduce the Lumex Clinical Care Recliner, Wide, with Drop Arms

Caregiver and patient safety are paramount when treating patients. The Lumex Clinical Care Recliner, Wide, with Drop Arms (Model FR587WD) has a weight capacity of 450 pounds when evenly distributed. The innovative, easy-to-actuate Drop-Arm feature provides safer, easier lateral transfer for both patient and caregiver. The Lumex Clinical Care Recliner Wide with Drop Arms is ideal for use in: Dialysis

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Technological Transfer: Equipment Designed to Help You and Your Patient

Stand-Pivot-Sit … three simple words but very difficult motions to make if you’ve had a stroke, hip replacement, or simply suffer from balance issues. The acts of standing, pivoting and sitting are the basic mechanics of moving from one seated position to another. These motions represent a major challenge if you cannot easily flex your knees or hips or do

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