September Is World Alzheimer’s Month — Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s


To love a person is to learn the song in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten.

Arne Garborg

To lose a memory is to lose the past. That past is filled with a family, accomplishments, and things a person enjoys doing in life. Like a thief, Alzheimer’s — the most common cause of dementia¹ — takes memories, steals thought processes, and changes the lives of sufferers and their families. September is World Alzheimer’s Month. This year’s theme is Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s.

It’s important to know the warning signs of dementia and get a timely diagnosis.

The Warning Signs²

We all know that memory loss is a sign of Alzheimer’s. However, misplacing things, changes in mood and behavior, and problems with language are some of the other warning signs to alert someone of a possible dementia issue.

A Diagnosis³

There is no simple test for diagnosing dementia.

A doctor may gather information about how the symptoms are affecting the person’s everyday life. Further testing will be done, such as testing mental processes for things like memory loss.

Here at Graham-Field it is our privilege to provide quality products that can make the lives of dementia sufferers and those who care for them a little easier and more comfortable.

From homecare beds, to bath safety solutions, to long term care furnishings, we are happy that we can help during what can be a difficult time.

So as we honor World Alzheimer’s Month, know dementia, and know Alzheimer’s.

Know the warning signs and be quick to seek out a diagnosis from a qualified healthcare professional.


The information offered here is not medical advice and is not intended to replace guidance offered by your medical professionals.


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