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Made in the USA Supports Your Independence Every Day


larry ryanSummer is here, along with cookouts, festivals, and 4th of July celebrations.

July is also a shocking reminder that the next round of Competitive Bidding will roll out right as the majority of us celebrate our Independence as small business owners and healthcare advocates.

That’s why it’s more important, now than ever, to come together as a community to care for senior citizens.

US Seniors have spent their entire working lives contributing their taxes to support our nation’s healthcare system.

Our Seniors Deserve the Best – and You Do Too!

Reduced reimbursement does more than limit the number of healthcare providers who can deliver home care to our community. Competitive bidding also limits the choices that our nation’s seniors have in terms of their healthcare options.

Cookouts, camraderie and Competitive Bidding.

Senior citizens have spent their entire working lives contributing toward our healthcare system.

The great news is that today’s seniors, more than any other prior generation, are more prepared to take on more of their cost for healthcare as their generation is more financially independent than any one before them.   That’s important as families across America will be coming together to care for their loved ones in ways they never realized would be necessary, due to the negative impacts of Competitive Bidding.

gficon made in usaWith the reimbursement shift comes a mind shift that encourages you to:

  • Do more with less.
  • Rediscover your American ingenuity like our seniors did when times were tough decades ago.
  • Don’t let the reimbursement environment steal your spirit of Independence!

Graham-Field: Proud to Be American

As an American-made company, GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) knows all too well what happens when our seniors don’t receive the best in terms of quality, reliable care. We see it happening time and time again when shoddy product is sold to our customers, who end up returning it for a refund and then returning to the quality found in American craftsmanship.

Senior couple holding american flag together

That commitment to quality is what makes Graham-Field proud to be American-made, and proud to serve our nation’s seniors with the best!  Our customers want the best too, regardless of if they are buying a recliner, a rollator or an adjustable bed for their parents, their residents or their own personal use.

In the spirit of Independence Day, Graham-Field encourages you to buy and sell “Made in USA” products. As a “Made in USA” manufacturer, we do have a personal interest in this approach, but we also know that patriotic spending does a lot more for our country than you may realize.

Investing in Our Future Together through Conscientious Buying

Conscientious buying tends to take two forms:

  1. Purchases that are made with brand and quality in mind.
  2. Purchases that are made with corporate or civic responsibility in mind.

The Baby Boomer population is one of the most quality-oriented demographic groups in the nation, as they are brand-aware and also convinced that “things aren’t made the way they used to be.”  This consumer group is often more likely to buy quality upfront so they won’t have to worry about reliability or hassle later.

Senior couple taking selfie

Seniors are also evolving with technology.

They are shopping online, educating themselves on products via reviews, news and other credible sources. They are putting in the legwork online before they visit your business, and typically know what they want when they are ready to buy.

Civic-minded, or socially-minded, buyers are those who believe in supporting local businesses like your own, purchasing US-made products, and investing in their local economy. These buyers, more often than not, won’t be your senior shoppers. No, these shoppers will be the seniors’ kids, the next generation of up & coming 40-50 year olds who are currently in the workforce and loyal to their community, their industries and the continued well-being of both.

The demand for quality-made, American products remains strong within both of these buying groups.

The Collective Impact of American-Focused Buying

Manufacturing Healthcare Recliners in Georgia

Graham-Field manufactures Healthcare Recliners in Georgia.

Investing in our economy easier than you think! If every adult living in the United States (we’re all in this together!) re-allocated one more dollar a day to domestic goods than foreign goods, this would equate to $90 billion reinvested back into our own economy.

Imagine that! With more demand for American-made goods,

  • manufacturers would allocate more resources to their production.
  • More U.S. production means more jobs, with our dollars being kept in the United States and the domestic economy.

A Healthy Balance in Building Products That Work

Does it always make sense to source everything here in the US? No, in our price-competitive healthcare market, it does make sense to bring some products in from overseas and produce others in the USA with domestic and globally-sourced parts.

Manufacturing Beds in Wisconsin

Manufacturing Beds in Wisconsin

Our primary goal at Graham-Field is to ensure that we deliver the products that meet your needs.

This can be defined in many ways: higher quality, better pricing, more features, breadth of product line, and more.

Graham-Field has been the leader in finding the right balance because we look at the entire system of our products as a solution. By creating a system of products, all specifically manufactured to work in partnership with one another, you have much more to offer your customers in terms of a cohesive line of support at home or within a care environment.

A Tour of US-Made Graham-Field Products

For example, items like our Lumex Patriot™ Homecare Bed line have been received well as USA-produced goods in part because providers demand a higher level of quality and superior after-sales support for a rental product.


The Lumex Patriot™ Homecare Bed line is proudly crafted in the USA by Graham-Field.

OBII_recliner_BOur Lumex Clinical Care Recliner line is a perfect example of a product line that takes advantage of the cost effectiveness of assembly from components made both locally and globally.

The vinyl used to upholster the recliners is made in Colombia and Costa Rica; the metal frames are manufactured in Taiwan; the foam is made in Georgia, USA; and the recliners are designed, upholstered, and assembled in Graham-Field’s manufacturing facility in Norcross, Georgia, USA!

We are able to offer customers a wide variety of fabrics and colors while still being able to manage our inventory and quality control. This combination has proven to be very popular with our customers who are looking for well-made healthcare recliners in colors that fit into their facility’s décor.


So be patriotic!

Spend that extra dollar on homegrown products, grow the economy along with your customer demand when you do, and provide a solution to your shoppers that is economical, superbly-crafted, and the right fit for their needs.

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Lawrence de la Haba is Senior Vice President of Business Development, and Ryan Howe is a Product Manager at Graham-Field.

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