Patient Transport, Treatment and Care


When a patient arrives at a healthcare facility, they are in need of your care and attention; part of that care is safely transporting them through your facility. Any form of transportation can cause stress to the patient as well as pose a safety risk to the caregiver. There are many options available today that cannot only safely transport your patient through your facility, but can also be used to care for and treat your patients.

Flexible transport equipment can increase the efficiency of any healthcare facility.

The Basics


Many patients in need of care can simply walk into a healthcare facility under their own power. However, for the elderly and patients who find it difficult to ambulate, a wheelchair is the most basic transport product available. Wheelchairs are available in a wide variety of configurations. Lightweight, Bariatric, Reclining, and Pediatric are just a few. With options like Oxygen Tank Holders, IV Poles, waterproof cushions, safety belts, and anti-theft bars, a wheelchair can serve almost every patient type. Easily folded, wheelchairs can be stored compactly and conveniently until ready for use.

Transport Stretchers

The basic Transport Stretcher is designed for safe patient transport and caregiver safety. For patients arriving in an ambulance or in physical distress, a Transport Stretcher can provide safe and comfortable transport into and through a facility. Transport Stretchers are typically set up with safety features like Side Rails, Safety Belts, and comfortable Stretcher Pads. Caregivers can easily adjust stretcher height, head angle, and foot section angle to make patients as comfortable as possible. Transport Stretchers can be accessorized with Oxygen Tank Holders, multiple IV Poles, Push Handles, Arm Boards, and many other options. Transport Stretchers are available in both hydraulic and powered versions. Specialized Youth Transport Stretchers and Pediatric Transport Stretchers facilitate the comfortable transport of children and infants.

Transport and Treatment

Surgical Stretchers and Procedural Chairs

The basic Transport Stretcher is taken to the next level by combining patient transport with patient treatment. Surgical Stretchers and Chairs incorporate features such as Wrist Rests for eye surgery, video imaging capability, and C-Arm integration for fluoroscopy-guided procedures. Surgical Stretchers and Chairs reduce staff time and help prevent staff injury, since fewer patient transfers are required. Facility efficiency can be greatly enhanced as the patient can be triaged, transported and treated, all in a single unit. Available in a wide variety of patient surface widths and weight capacities, these units accommodate almost every patient size and body type. Motorized patient surface controls, height adjustment, and Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg positions allow almost infinite positioning for patient comfort and treatment.

Clinical Care Recliners

With features such as Pivot-Arms, Tente® Casters, and healthcare-grade vinyl upholstery, Clinical Care Recliners make patient transport and care safer and more comfortable. Clinical Care Recliners are a flexible alternative to wheelchairs and stretchers that offer patient comfort and caregiver convenience in a beautifully designed package. Clinical Care Recliners can be used to triage patients in the emergency room and then allow them to be safely transported to their patient room. Clinical Care Recliners feature the Trendelenburg Position and can be accessorized with IV Poles, Head Pillows, and Heat & Massage functions.

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Lawrence de la Haba

Lawrence de la Haba is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Graham-Field.

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