National Hospital Week — Where Health Comes First


Innovation Is The Ability To See Change As An Opportunity, Not A Threat – Hipolyte De Livry

May 10-16 is National Hospital Week. The theme for the week this year, Where Health Comes First, is very appropriate, given the current coronavirus outbreak. We here at Graham-Field share in honoring all the workers in our hospitals at this critical time. And as the American Hospital Association says, “this important week gives us all the opportunity to highlight our hospitals, health systems and health care providers and the innovative ways they support the needs of their community members.”¹ How have our hospitals and others innovatively addressed the needs of their communities during the coronavirus outbreak?

The American Hospital Association reports the following:

  • Marinhealth (CA) has outfitted more than 90 rooms, including 10 intensive care unit beds, with special equipment that enables physicians, nurses and other personnel to deliver much of the patient care virtually from multiple stations situated throughout the facility and to combine multiple tasks into a single in-person visit.²
  • More hospitals and academic medical centers, including Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y., are turning to their own labs to develop in-house COVID-19 tests to bypass the long wait for results.²
  • Stanford Health and supply chain risk management company Resilinc this month will launch a trading platform for hospital supplies. In partnership with UPS and Premier, the companies created a cloud-based platform where hospitals can identify and exchange critical medical supplies if they find inventory imbalances.²
  • The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine scientists recently announced a potential vaccine delivered through a fingertip-sized patch against the coronavirus. The paper appeared in EBioMedicine. In a joint venture with the Biomedical Advance Research and Development Authority, Johnson & Johnson is investing $1B for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Human clinical trials could begin as early as September with a goal of the first batches being made available for emergency use authorization by early 2021.²

Healthtech Magazine states the following concerning some state-of-the-art innovations:

  • In late January, physicians at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Wash., used a robot to take an infected man’s vitals with a stethoscope and to communicate via a built-in screen. The remote-controlled telehealth cart allows physicians to perform basic diagnostic functions, such as taking blood pressure and temperature.³
  • Some healthcare IT vendors are updating their software to better identify patterns and potential signs of trouble. In late January, electronic health record giant Epic updated its travel-screening questionnaire in collaboration with biocontainment experts and infectious disease specialists, drawing on coronavirus guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.³

Bill Gates, in Gatesnotes, states regarding innovation in dealing with COVID-19:

“This is like a world war, except in this case, we’re all on the same side. Everyone can work together to learn about the disease and develop tools to fight it. I see global innovation as the key to limiting the damage. This includes innovations in testing, treatments, vaccines, and policies to limit the spread while minimizing the damage to economies and well-being.”* So, as Mr. Gates states, we are fighting a war, but all on the same side. Let’s do what we can to support our community hospitals and others as they work hard to come up with innovative ideas to fight the coronavirus battle. Then the victory will be for all of us!





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