National Grandparents Day — Our Caregivers, Our Friends


Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins … Joyce Allston

A warm hug and smile. Fresh baked cookies. A long talk on the front porch on a hot summer day. Your caregiver. Your support. What memories and experiences with your grandparents bring you joy?

This year, September 13th is National Grandparents Day.

Let’s come together and celebrate grandparents! Make it a day to rejoice and remember their wisdom and love.

As has always been the case, grandparents play an important part in society.

Consider just three benefits:

  • Possibly longer life: Being a grandmother or grandfather that is actively involved in the care of their grandchildren and others can also contribute to longer life, according to the Berlin Aging Study.¹
  • Grandparenting is a great stress reliever for both grandparent and grandchild: A long-term study by Boston College, as reported in, found that both generations reported fewer symptoms of depression. The more support there was in the relationships, the better the mental health in both groups.²
  • Continuing to learn: By being involved in their grandchildren’s activities, grandparents keep their minds active and cognitive skills sharp.²

In this time of coronavirus, we’ve all kept a concerned eye toward our elders because they are, as a group, in a high-risk category for serious complications from the virus.

Let’s continue to value grandparents! Honor, remember, and love them.

To all the grandmothers and grandfathers, September 13th is your day! We celebrate it with you and want you to know how much we all appreciate each and every one of you and the joy and benefits you bring to our lives each day.




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