Thank you, Caregivers! November is National Family Caregivers Month


The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else – Carson McCullers

Family caregiving is defined as giving unpaid, at home help to a family member or friend who can no longer do, or is limited in doing, certain day-to-day activities for themselves. The National Alliance for reports that in 2020, about 53 million people are providing this type of caregiving.¹ November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time to celebrate these loving and selfless caregivers.

While caregivers are happy to help, no one can deny they face challenges. With the pandemic, even more stress is added as caregivers negotiate the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape. The challenges of caregiving can be overwhelming. To take care of someone else, you must first take care of yourself. What can help? advises the following:

  • Stay healthy. Eat well and exercise. Make sure to get enough sleep.²
  • Take care mentally. Find ways to manage your stress.²
  • Look for support and help from others. Reach out to family and friends to help with caregiving tasks. Also, look into professional and volunteer organizations in your area that can provide support or advice.²

We want to help too. Does your loved one have mobility limitations?

Canes                                                                                             Walkers


Rollators                                                                                                           Wheelchairs

It is so satisfying to us here at Graham-Field to be able to provide quality products to assist with different mobility needs. From canes to  walkers to rollators to wheelchairs, we are here to help! Please visit our website,, for more information on mobility aids and other items to make your loved one and your life a bit easier.

So thank you, caregivers, for what you do! Your labor of love is much appreciated.




The information offered here is not medical advice and is not intended to replace guidance offered by your medical professionals.



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