National Cholesterol Education Month — We Make All We Need


Our body makes all we need. What is it?



Yes, our bodies naturally produce all we need; add to it with foods containing cholesterol, and we can get into trouble with our cholesterol levels.


September is National Cholesterol Education Month, a good time to reflect on this important aspect of our health. Who should be concerned about cholesterol?

The answers may surprise you:

  • Young adults – According to the CDC, young adults over 20 years old should be screened for high cholesterol, especially if they have risk factors such as family history and coronary heart disease.¹
  • Children and adolescents – The CDC also states that children can be at risk for the same reasons, among the risks being overweight and having a family history.¹

Other than the groups listed above, the CDC also says that most healthy adults should get their cholesterol checked every four to six years unless they have heart disease, diabetes, or a family history of high cholesterol; then they would want to have their levels checked more often.¹


Since it’s National Cholesterol Education Month, how should we educate ourselves on this important health topic?

Note these great resources:

  • –The American Heart Association’s website is overflowing with helpful information including articles on cholesterol.
  • CDC.GOVType cholesterol in the search field on CDC.GOV to pull up numerous articles, videos, and podcasts on the subject.

So, as we navigate through the current pandemic, we are of course concerned about every aspect of our and our loved ones’ health. Healthy cholesterol levels are an important part of the equation to overall good health.

Why not take some time to educate yourself on the healthy benefits of keeping a good cholesterol level?


The information offered here is not medical advice and is not intended to replace guidance offered by your medical professionals.



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