It’s National Bath Safety Month — How Safe is YOUR Bathroom?


Protect your loved ones from the most dangerous room in your house, the bathroom. Wait, what?

Yes, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in a home. None of us want to be identified as just another statistic, but that’s what can happen if you are not careful in the bathroom. January is National Bath Safety Month to help draw attention to bathroom dangers and make you aware of the do’s and don’ts in your bathroom.

Elderly Man in Wheelchair Shaving at Bathroom Sink

A CDC national study analyzed Emergency Room (ER) data and found that more than 234,000 people a year are treated in the ER for bathroom-related injuries.

That number of injuries is enough to fill a football stadium 3 times over — now that’s a lot of people! And it only includes ER visits, so imagine how much larger this number is when you include all the unreported visits to clinics and physicians’ offices.

Injury rates increase significantly with age. Most injuries — more than 81% — are caused by falls. So the older you get, the more likely you are to have an accident. The study also found that the location in the bathroom affects your risk of injury — more than half the injuries for people 85 and older happen while on or near the toilet.

The bathtub and shower are dangerous too. A person 85 or older is four times more likely to be injured in or around a bathtub than a person in their early twenties. You are far more likely to be injured while getting out of a shower or tub than when getting in, which makes sense, because everything is wet and slippery after bathing.
Injuries included contusions, abrasions, strains, sprains, and even fractures. The severity of the injury increased with age — when 85 or older you are 29 times more likely to sustain a fracture than someone aged 25 to 34.


Do’s and Don’ts when considering a safer bathroom:


  • Install Grab Bars by the toilet and inside your shower
  • Add a bath seat for sitting, rather than standing, while bathing
  • Add a bathtub rail to assist entering and exiting the tub
  • Add a raised toilet seat or toilet safety rail to your toilet to make sitting and standing easier


  • Get out of the shower without using a slip-resistant bath mat
  • Reach for items further away than arm’s length
  • Use a towel rack or soap holder to balance yourself
  • Use a shower door to catch your balance

Do yourself or a loved one a favor and install quality Lumex brand bath safety products in your bathroom. Spending a small amount now could save you thousands later!

Talk to your local homecare dealer or a certified professional about which Lumex products are right for your situation.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

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Ryan Howe is a Product Manager at Graham-Field.


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