National Assisted Living Week, September 13 – 19: CARING IS ESSENTIAL


A hero is someone who voluntarily walks into the unknown … Tom Hanks

September 13th – 19th is National Assisted Living Week. “Caring is Essential” is this year’s theme for the week, and it honors the essential workers who have courageously come to the forefront to help those who reside in assisted living facilities during the current pandemic. Simply put, these are our heroes during this health crisis.

What successes have these heroes had in the fight against COVID-19? Notice these encouraging examples:

  • According to the CDC, one long term care facility recognized early on in the pandemic that families and residents needed information to counteract the fear of the unknown associated with the virus. So, through automated voice messages, they kept everyone informed about what was happening within the facility. The response was overwhelmingly positive.¹
  • Also according to the CDC, a long-term care facility in Nebraska reacted to the virus early on in the pandemic. The team prevented the spread of COVID-19 in the facility by quickly identifying symptoms and implementing appropriate Transmission-Based Precautions for the resident with suspected infection. By reacting quickly and early they have experienced great success in preventing the spread of the virus within the facility.¹
  • reports … Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities president Matthew Barrett and another association leader wrote, “Thousands of nursing home residents with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 are presenting as having recovered from the virus based on the data released tonight.” … “The recovery dynamic is testimony to the perseverance and dedication of the nursing home employees and their determination to get nursing home residents to a place of recovery in battling the highly contagious virus.”²

Assisted living staff nationwide have had the challenge of a lifetime

Their concern and compassion for the residents in their care at this difficult time is heartwarming and encouraging.

We applaud them for their hard work!



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