Graham-Field Celebrates the Mighty Pediatric Nurse


Contributor-Icons_Shelby_KenneyIt takes a special kind of person to be a pediatric nurse! Specializing in pediatrics requires patience, devotion, and passion, all of which play a vital role in caring for children from infancy through the late teen years. Nurses with a calling to this field go through advanced training to able to understand the needs of a child and communicate effectively with their family.

Children are continuously growing and changing, and they often react differently to injury, illness, and even common medications.

For these reasons, pediatric nurses work closely with other healthcare providers to build on their expertise in children’s health to be prepared for the unique situations that can occur. Most importantly, pediatric nurses know how to make a child feel safe and loved.

Young pediatric nurse pressing modern medical type of buttons

3 Unique Traits of a Mighty Pediatric Nurse

We have often found three traits possessed by a mighty pediatric nurse that makes them great at what they do:

  • Good listener – they know how to work with kids on understanding their health issues and successfully treating those issues.
  • Good communicator – they have mastered communication with children, parents and caregivers about illness and care.
  • Knowledge — they are proactive in staying abreast of the latest pediatric illnesses, treatments, and products.

Graham-Field Offers Specialized Support for the Mighty Pediatric Nurse

To help keep the pediatric nurses in your community striving for great care and great health, Graham-Field offers a wide array of products designed specifically for pediatric care, whether at home, in the clinic, or in the hospital.

For use at home:
John Bunn® Neb-u-Tyke® Neb-a-Doodle® Compressor Nebulizer

jb0112-070__bAny parent or nurse knows how difficult it is to sit a child down and try to conduct an aerosol treatment.

Children get bored and squirmy, and by the end of the treatment, there is good chance the child did not get the full dose of medicine. Graham-Field understands this too.

That’s why we introduced the Neb-u-Tyke Neb-a-Doodle. The Neb-a-Doodle has a child friendly design which provides effective aerosol treatment for children. Designed with an integrated drawing board, the interactive Neb-a-Doodle will keep a child relaxed and entertained during treatment.

Pediatric Nurse talking to mother and daughter about care regimen

Pediatric Nurse talking to mother and daughter about care regimen

For use in the clinic:
Labtron® Pediatric Stethoscope

507_bOur Pediatric Stethoscope is carefully crafted with childcare in mind.

Trying to diagnose a patient is a much different process when your patient is a child. We understand that to hear that specific sound you are looking for, you need to place the stethoscope on a precise area of the upper body.

With children, unlike adults, it might be difficult to successfully diagnose when a child is squirming due to a cold ring. That’s why our Pediatric Stethoscopes are not only manufactured to accommodate the small chest of a child, but also equipped with a dual-head chestpiece with recessed non-chill ring to make listening easier.

Pediatric Nurse Visiting Father And Child In Hospital Bed

Pediatric Nurse Visiting Father And Child In Hospital Bed

For use in the hospital:
Hausted® Horizon Pediatric Transport Stretcher

pediatric-stretcher_forthewebThe littlest patients need the most protection.

Pediatric nurses have trained and studied to properly take care of a young child should they need surgery. Graham-Field tries to make this as easy and safe as possible by offering a transport stretcher made specifically for young children.

Transporting a confused and scared child can be difficult. That is why our Horizon Pediatric Transport Stretcher is designed to surround the patient with 360 degrees of safety while still maintaining complete access to the patient.

Unlike a standard adult stretcher, our Horizon Pediatric Transport Stretcher is manufactured with extra-high side rails that provide three positions for patient safety and extra-high end rails that can be removed for patient access.

pediatric nurse

It’s Unanimous: Pediatric Nurses are Mighty People

We admire their strength and dedication, and we know a whole bunch of tiny patients who agree!

At Graham-Field, we believe that without the right equipment, the already difficult job of a pediatric nurse becomes that much more difficult. As long as these nurses are choosing to specialize in what they do, Graham-Field will be here with quality-made products specifically designed to make their job easier.

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Shelby Kenney is an Associate Product Manager at Graham-Field.

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