Streamline Patient Flow with Hausted® Surgical & Procedural Chairs


When we consider all the resources that must come together to treat patients efficiently in a busy emergency department or freestanding surgery center, small adjustments to patient-handling processes can revolutionize patient care.

That’s why Graham-Field focuses on improving patient flow through the specialized engineering built into our Hausted® Surgical & Procedural Chairs.

In an emergency department, shorter wait times are key. In an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), keeping scheduled procedures on time and finding ways to add additional procedures is a measure of success.


Gravity Works in Your Favor for Patient Treatment

Upright at 90 degrees is full or high Fowler's position. Other Fowler's positions are tilted back.
Upright at 90 degrees is full or high Fowler position. Other Fowler positions are tilted back.

In almost any healthcare setting, one of the ways we can speed up patient treatment is by keeping patients in Fowler position or by repositioning them to Fowler as quickly as possible.

The nature of gravity also helps alleviate the discomfort a patient may experience while lying flat on a stretcher — better breathing is achieved while upright through increased oxygenation when the directional force of gravity is decreased on the chest.

For an anesthesia provider, the upright position is used for many patients during an episode of respiratory distress. 

woman doctor listening to senior breathing

Since it is also easier for a patient to swallow when waking up in Fowler position, the incidence of patient aspiration is decreased. The benefit of the upright/semi-upright patient is long known to healthcare providers, yet the equipment to achieve it is still underutilized.

Hausted Surgi-Chairs can equip ASCs with a single patient platform for pre-op, procedure, and post-op recovery.

Hausted MBC (Mammography / Biopsy Chair) in Supine and Fowler Position

For example, the Hausted Mammography/Biopsy Chair is ideal for use as a procedural chair or treatment table during mammography/biopsy procedures. The shortened base is easy to maneuver in small rooms with large imaging equipment. The backrest adjusts to a full upright position of 90 to facilitate mammography procedures.

The Hausted Mammography/Biopsy Chair also adjusts easily from sitting to supine and provides a stable work surface during patient treatment. Pre-op, transport, treatment, and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turn-around and streamline patient handling in surgical care.

Hausted Chairs Provide Ideal Surgical Access

ASCs can take advantage of Hausted Surgi-Chairs’ full supine position to allow ideal surgical access during procedures. Staff are then naturally encouraged to resume a Fowler position shortly after surgery, so the patient can recover more quickly from anesthesia and move closer to discharge.

Doctors were anesthetized

On busy surgery days, equipment shortage can be catastrophic to a surgery schedule, but equipment versatility can save it.

Hausted APC (Powered All-Purpose Chair) in Supine and Fowler Position
Hausted APC (Powered All-Purpose Chair) in Supine and Fowler Position

By using Hausted Chairs to expedite patient flow and promote the ideal recovery position, surgery centers can free up patient handling equipment for faster turnaround.

Reducing Emergency Room Wait Times with Hausted

In a busy Emergency Room (ER), wait times can significantly impact patient satisfaction levels. So much so, that competitive ERs are now advertising their shorter wait times as a reason for patient choice.

paramedic with colleague and patient on background

A Hausted Surgi-Chair allows a provider to deliver patient satisfaction during examination and treatment in the emergency department, by streamlining the patient experience through triage, treatment and on to discharge.

Pediatric Positioner

Hausted Chairs are ideal for hospitals who want to positively impact the patient experience from pre-op to post-op, and on to discharge.

Hausted Chair Options Meet a Broad Range of Needs

Hausted manufactures each chair to meet the specific needs of any healthcare facility. A Hausted Chair can be outfitted with many optional features to meet a broad range of applications.

A Pediatric Positioner, shown at right, allows the use of a chair for both adult and pediatric procedures. Hausted Chairs and Stretchers can be interchanged in ER patient rooms depending on patient needs.


Increasing Your Surgical Output with a Small Footprint

A balance of Hausted Stretchers and Chairs allows ASC staff to assign patients the equipment that will provide the best result. In some larger, more complex surgery centers where patients are required to spend some recovery time on a stretcher, lateral transfer to a chair toward the end of their recovery may get a patient discharged more quickly.


A smaller, less well-equipped ASC, however, could use a Hausted Chair as a single device for pre-op, procedure, and post-op recovery.

Surgeons appreciate Hausted Chairs for making their case turnarounds shorter. They can move on quickly to their next scheduled case.

Improve Your Patient Flow with Hausted

The use of Hausted Chairs is one of the ways ERs can:

  • streamline patient flow,
  • decrease wait times,
  • save money on multiple patient handling devices, and
  • increase patient satisfaction.

ERs and ASCs can both benefit drastically from the use of Hausted Surgical & Procedural Chairs and Graham-Field is ready to help them.

Surgery, Surgeon, Doctor. Hausted Graham-Field

As more healthcare facilities catch on to Surgical & Procedural Chairs, patients can expect to see a more efficient healthcare system overall.

Contact a Hausted representative today to hear more about how our USA-manufactured Chairs can help streamline your facility’s patient flow.

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Jordan Swahn is an Account Development Specialist at Graham-Field.


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