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Happy New Year! First Resolution … Let’s Exercise!


When we make new year resolutions, we are seeking happiness, health, well-being, and new beginnings. First come the Holidays, followed by the end of December, then the beginning of January, and … here we go again, trying to set a goal for regular exercise, always the first resolution for a healthier beginning. Establishing the routine and finding the discipline to stick to it have always been the two fundamental parts of accomplishing the exercise goal.

We’ve been told to focus on activities that are realistic, achievable and fun, so we can enjoy them to the fullest while we engage in them. Embrace that mindfulness they’re always talking about! We are weary of hearing that the benefits of a workout are numerous; we all know it, but how to act upon it? Many of us need to crawl before we can walk. There may be mental or physical barriers to exercise, including age, injury, or a physical condition, but there are ways we can take baby steps while establishing a routine alone or with others.

Which Exercise Routine Should I Establish…

The use of devices to enable exercise while in a seated position has recently increased — now we even have so called activity-based video games or “exer-games” — you can bowl and play tennis or soccer with a wave of your hand. Mobility-challenged users have made it clear that even in a wheelchair, they would like to do something enjoyable — not boring or monotonous.

Nursing homes and assisted living institutions have discovered that a level of activity that burns calories and increases aerobic activity can be beneficial in increasing stamina and better mood.

At nursing homes in other countries, institutions have developed a combination of techniques that include yoga and relaxation such as tai chi and chair/wheelchair yoga. These relaxation exercises enable the body to achieve a state of peace while enhancing flexibility and diminishing atrophy (atrophy is generally defined as “gradual decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect”).

And How Should I Do It?

GF Health Products, Inc. offers a variety of devices that can be used by those in pursuit of increased extremity strength whether seated in a wheelchair, a recliner, or a rocking chair.

For the arms, shoulders and legs, Grafco Exercise Weights allow easy wrapping around the wrist or ankle to assist in performing shoulder presses and bicep or tricep extensions.

The Lumex Pedal Floor Exerciser provides gentle, low-impact, aerobic exercise to stimulate circulation while toning leg or arm muscles.

The Grafco Exercise Pulley Traction Set, which can be positioned behind a door, is useful to increase range of motion and exercise arms.

For flexibility and dexterity, time-tested Lumex non-hardening silicone Theraputty, available in different colors and consistencies depending on firmness required, is recommended for strengthening finger, hand and forearm muscles.

Ask Your Doctor First

Before setting out on an exercise routine, always get the advice of your medical professional.

The best advice: find a way to enjoy your activity and leave worry behind.

Let’s toast to success and accomplishment in our exercise resolution for the new year. Cheers! Here’s to a happy, active, exercised year!

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Maria Garcia Silva is a Product Manager/ International Marketing Manager at Graham-Field.


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