October Is Eye Injury Prevention Month — Don’t Forget Your Goggles!


Do you like simple solutions? Don’t we all? One of the easiest things you can do for your health is protecting your eyes from injury. How so?

Wearing protective eyewear such as goggles, visors and other defense can prevent up to 90% of all eye injuries.

And with nearly half of all eye injuries occurring in the home¹, it’s important to be aware of the dangers we could face there when it comes to taking care of our eyes. For example, oven cleaners and bleach account for about 125,000 eye injuries a year². In addition, cooking oils that can spatter into the eyes pose a risk in the home. Outside the home when mowing the lawn, check first for sticks, rocks, or other debris that could fly up while mowing and cause eye injuries.

How about workplace eye injuries? They can be costly! It’s estimated that workplace eye injuries cost an estimated $300 million a year in lost productivity, medical treatment, and worker compensation³. Again, with some simple steps and planning, many of these injuries can be prevented. The protective eyewear you need depends on the hazards you face, such as goggles if you handle chemicals, and a face shield when doing work like welding.

But as careful as we all try to be, accidents happen.

We here at Graham-Field are happy to provide the eye care community with convenient, versatile products they can depend on when caring for their patients.  For example, Graham-Field offers the Hausted® ESC2 Opthalmology Platform, shown above, an innovative single-platform chair that reduces the need for patient transfers, making both patient and surgical staff more comfortable and productive.

So, take the simple steps to protect your eyes! And have a Happy Eye Injury Prevention month.

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The information offered here is not medical advice and is not intended to replace guidance offered by your medical professionals.


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