From Entrance to Exit: LUMEX Clinical Care Recliners Provide Comfort During a Patient’s Journey


Lawrence de la HabaA wheelchair parked in the waiting room.  A stretcher stuck in the hallway.  How often are your patients left sitting in these places, waiting for care?

We all know improvised seating isn’t the best option for ensuring comfort and safety, and it doesn’t make the waiting process any easier for your patients either.

Today’s new world of reimbursement is based on patient satisfaction, led by the HCAHPS Patient Satisfaction Survey. As part of their overall quality standard, healthcare facilities need to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable from the time they are admitted until they are discharged.

When your patient receives their post-stay survey, you want them to rate your facility as high as possible.

So why not eliminate the low-hanging fruit that can contribute to a negative patient experience, like uncomfortable seats in high traffic areas? Seasoned medical professionals know that the waiting experience sets the tone going forward in terms of the patient’s satisfaction level throughout their stay.


It’s important to start off their visit on the right note with a comfortable seat in a peaceful environment.

Lumex Clinical Care Recliners were designed with that thought in mind.  When you choose optimal seating like Lumex Recliners from Graham-Field, you are helping to create a more comfortable environment for your patients during their stay. In turn, your patients may be more likely to leave with a positive perception of your facility.

lumex clinical care seating positions

LUMEX Clinical Care Recliners Put Patient Comfort in Focus

Built with patient comfort and safety in mind, Lumex Clinical Care Recliners from Graham-Field offer more value than a standard stationary recliner.  Lumex recliners can give patients more flexibility than the confines of a bed, allowing them more comfort options for longer periods of time.

lumex clinical care seating recliner

Made in the USA, Lumex Clinical Care Recliners from Graham-Field offer more value than a standard stationary recliner.

Easy to clean and maintain, Lumex Healthcare Seating provides healthcare facilities with a versatile and mobile patient transport, treatment, and care platform that is both functional and appealing. And, Lumex Clinical Care Recliners can take patients from the Emergency Room through their Post-Operative Care — with fewer transfers for both the patient and caregivers.

LUMEX Offers Versatility Throughout the Facility 

Every day, patients move throughout a healthcare facility as part of the course of their treatment.  When a patient is seated in a Lumex Clinical Care Recliner, they benefit from the following features throughout their course of care:

Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care ReclinerTrendelenburg Position

Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner – Trendelenburg Position


  • With five-inch Tente® Casters, the patient can remain comfortably seated while being transported from the Emergency Room to their Procedure.
  • When their procedure is finished, the patient can remain comfortably reclined while waiting to be admitted.
  • Once the patient is settled in to their patient room, the recliner can easily be cleaned and disinfected, and readied for the next patient.
  • For any time-intensive outpatient procedures such as dialysis or IV Therapy, Lumex Clinical Care Recliners provide long-term comfort as a result of the high-density foam used in the seat, back and armrests.
  • Dual Side Tables, Optional IV Pole and Trendelenburg Position make Lumex recliners ideal for most clinical procedures.

lumex clinical care seating recliner features

Lumex Clinical Care Recliners are available in a wide selection of healthcare grade vinyl and urethane-based fabrics that come in more than 40 colors. This wide selection of colors allows Lumex Recliners to be integrated into the overall color block of patient rooms and clinical care areas.

Color options are viewable on the Lumex Healthcare Seating Swatch Card that also includes a selection of SilverGuard® fabrics to help prevent the growth of bacteria. Activated by simply wiping down the recliner with water after disinfection, water activates the Silver Ions in SilverGuard® fabrics to kill the bacteria.

lumex clinical care seating swatch


Repairs for Lumex Clinical Care Recliners are also easily managed. All upholstery components can be simply replaced should they become worn or damaged.  These repairs can be done on-site with basic tools.

Patient Satisfaction Begins with Your Choice 

johnsphonewildGetting the basics right during a patient visit is critical to maintaining a consistent satisfaction level.  Let us help you start by offering your patients the best seat in the house, right from the start!

Graham-Field representatives are happy to assist with your color selection and style review of Lumex Clinical Care Recliners made specifically with your patients’ safety and comfort in mind.  Let us walk you through our quick and easy guide to seating recommendations that provide the care experience you hope to deliver, and more!

Contact us for more ideas and advice.


Lawrence de la Haba is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Graham-Field.

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