Improving the Efficiency of Your Ambulatory Surgical Center with Hausted


Lawrence de la HabaAs of December 2012 there were approximately 5,357* Medicare-certified ASCs and about 3,360 HOPD, according to ASC Utilization data. In 2006, there were almost 35 million ambulatory surgical visits; approximately 20 million surgeries and procedures were performed in HOPDs, and approximately 15 million were performed in ASCs.

And the trend of moving outpatient services to ASCs is continuing with no signs of slowing down. As of December 2015, there are now 5,444 ASCs nationwide. [Source: CMS Fast Facts December 2015]


The above statistics clearly show the ongoing growth of ambulatory surgery centers, driven by the lower cost of ambulatory procedures and the increasing use of medical technology that makes such procedures possible in these settings.


Hausted Procedure Stretchers and Surgi-Chairs are specifically designed to help to improve the efficiency of an ASC.

Each Hausted Procedure Stretcher and Surgi-Chair has been skillfully engineered by Graham-Field to care for your patient from start to finish, including:

  • Pre-Operative Testing and Preparation
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Post-Operative Care and Recovery

The ability to perform each stage of patient treatment on a single piece of equipment eliminates:

  • unnecessary patient transfers,
  • non-standardized equipment, and
  • greatly enhances process standardization.


Standardization of care leads to better streamlining of procedures, and that creates greater efficiency for your facility.

Hausted: Safety First and Foremost

hausted graham-fieldEvery Hausted Procedural Stretcher and Surgi-Chair offers critical safety features, such as:

  • 3-position side rails that allow optimum patient access without compromising safety
  • Brake and Steer pedals positioned to prevent awkward body movements
  • Pneumatic Assist Back Rests for easy positioning of patients
  • Center Track Steering for superb mobility and turning ease
  • Range of weight capacities of up to 800 lbs on select stretcher models, and patient surface widths to accommodate your larger patients

Hausted equipment safety features, like those listed above, protect your patients and staff every day.

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Hausted Options for Delivering Excellent Patient Care

The ability to care for your patients with a single stretcher or surgical chair requires a wide array of procedure-specific features that allows you to customize your Hausted Stretcher or Surgi-Chair precisely for your patients, physicians and caregivers:

  • The Powered and Hydraulic Mobile Surgi-Stretcher and Surgi-Chair series is designed to be a single surgical platform for EYE/ENT and plastic surgery procedures. The low profile head design allows excellent site access for both superior (over brow) and lateral (side approach) procedures._3007557
  • The X-Ray Trauma Stretcher is intended for transport, treatment and recovery of patients. This unit offers unparalleled full-length X-ray capabilities, a treatment table and easy-rolling casters to provide full mobility._GFH0117_rev-(1)
  • The Mammography/Biopsy Surgi-Chair is designed with a shortened base for positioning in small rooms with large imaging equipment. The backrest adjusts to a full upright position of 90° to supine to provide for maneuvering between the X-ray machine and wall for a stable work surface during mammography/biopsy procedures.MBC_Chair
  • The Video Imaging Chair is designed for Modified Barium Swallow Studies, AP/Lateral Imaging and as a Procedural Chair for diagnosis and treatment. The shortened base is easy to maneuver in small rooms with large imaging equipment.VIC429_037

Instilling Patient Satisfaction with Comfort in Service

Nurse and patient looking at file

Contributing to the efficiency of your facility is just one part of the Hausted story. Patient satisfaction is the other.

Contributing to the efficiency of your facility is just one part of the Hausted story. Patient satisfaction is the other.

Your patients need the best possible support surfaces to minimize the potential for pressure sores while increasing their comfort during procedures that require minimal patient movement.

Simmons™ Clinical Care Stretcher Pads from Graham-Field are an excellent option for those ASCs where longer procedures take place, if patient comfort is a priority in your healthcare setting.

The five-inch (5”) thickness of Simmons™ Clinical Care Stretcher Pads provides maximum support and pressure reduction properties in comparison to a standard pad.

The liquid-resistant, 4-way Stretch Urethane Cover keeps the patient cool and comfortable while providing maximum resistance against spills, staining and odors.


SIMMONS Clinical Care products manufactured by GF Health Products, Inc. under license from the trademark owner, Dreamwell, Ltd., a subsidiary of Simmons Bedding Company, Atlanta, Georgia. SIMMONS is a trademark of Dreamwell, Ltd. a subsidiary of Simmons Bedding Company. © 2016 Dreamwell, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Lawrence de la Haba is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Graham-Field.

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