E&J Traveler L3 Plus — Accessorizing a Plus of the Plus


The journey is every bit as important as the destination, as wise people have expressed on billboards and greeting cards. Such is certainly the case for users of standard manual wheelchairs who find daily activities difficult to perform.

According to Medicare, “a lightweight wheelchair (K0003) is covered when a patient self-propels the wheelchair while engaging in frequent activities in the home that cannot be performed in a standard wheelchair (limitations of strength, endurance, range of motion or coordination, presence of pain or deformity or absence of one or both upper extremities are relevant to the assessment of upper extremity function).”

The K0003 wheelchair code is commonly prescribed for such diagnoses as paraplegia, spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy, depending on each doctor’s prescription for each patient’s case.

Most patients who prefer lightweight K0003 wheelchairs are those with low extremity strength — those who find it easier to maneuver a lightweight wheelchair (usually about 36 pounds) than a standard wheelchair (usually about 40 pounds).

Traveler L3 Plus shown above with desk-length flip-back arms, elevating legrests, and standard seat extension and anti-tippers
Fully Removable 2″ Seat Extension

Meet the Traveler L3 Plus

GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) has introduced an enhanced version of its lightweight Everest & Jennings®Traveler® wheelchair line and named it Traveler L3 Plus.

For anyone who must expend physical effort propelling a wheelchair, it is certainly a plus to have a lighter rear wheel that makes it easy to roll yourself or your loved one. It is a plus when you can easily add 2” of extra seat depth by installing the seat extension, or by removing it completely, restoring the 16” seat depth. It becomes a plus indeed when you add the convenience of arms that flip back with the press of a push button, enabling easy transfer. Anti-tippers, to help prevent the user from tipping backward on an incline or during transfer, are standard on the Traveler L3 Plus.

If the user has access between areas in the house and can maneuver this wheelchair, more daily activities will be achievable. What a plus for someone who can now sit at the table with family and friends, and eat at table level, thanks to desk-length arms. Sometimes users may find a mobility solution with a cane or a walker or even a rollator, but they still wish to have a supportive wheeled device to move around and perform those daily activities.

Traveler L3 Plus Accessories

Users might also need additional accessories, such as seat or back cushions; adjustable-height or detachable arms; elevating legrests, either high-pivot or low-pivot, or even articulating legrests to aid in the treatment of edema, poor circulation, fracture, or cast use. Heel loops are another accessory necessary to maintain proper foot alignment while seated on a wheelchair. A therapist may prescribe a positioning belt to provide adequate pelvic positioning. Standard wheel locks may require too much strength and movement to operate, making wheel lock extensions necessary for users who are unable reach wheel locks in the usual way.

Accessories Can Make the Journey Easier for Users

Accessories are meant to alleviate the journey of rolling life in a wheelchair — they have become a plus to the plus of the lightweight wheelchair. At the same time, our dealers might maximize their gain by itemizing each accessory by its reimbursement billing code when working with Medicare as insurance source.

Reimbursement Can Make the Journey Easier for both Users and Dealers

In the world of reimbursement, each DME dealer should establish the proper documentation for each product, including the correct coding; the letter of medical necessity that defines and justifies the wheelchair type based on the user’s diagnosis; and the description of each user’s condition, functional capabilities, limitations and characteristics. We recommend that dealers seek legal advice when conducting reimbursement procedures in order to comply with all current regulations.

The ultimate goal of the Traveler L3 Plus — as well as its pluses — is to reduce the limitations and enhance the journey of each user in their day-to-day moments, whether washing, dressing, shopping, eating, or getting ready for a new day to begin.

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Maria Garcia Silva is a Product Manager/ International Marketing Manager at Graham-Field.


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