Digital Electronics Meet Extended Care Beds


It’s a smart move to use smart technology electronics. Technology has an impact on how we operate every day.

What’s Important about Beds in an Extended Care Facility?


Reliability is imperative. Caregivers have too many other things to worry about; bed functionality shouldn’t add to their list of concerns. Digital bed electronics produce consistent results every time, while analog electronic outputs can vary with changes in the environment.

Footboard-Embedded Staff Control


Digital electronics are also highly flexible. Digital electronics used in extended care beds provide the benefit of being easily upgradable without the need to purchase a new bed. Features can be simply added with this “plug and play” technology. Plug in a new handset or add a new embedded staff control to your footboard — now your bed can have advanced positioning features, such as chair position, Trendelenburg position, or reverse Trendelenburg. These advanced positioning features are more and more desirable, as nursing homes expand to provide more acute care.

Hand Control Pendants


Smart electronics also give you the ability to plug in a USB port for charging cell phones and tablets. Cell phones are everywhere now, so residents and visitors alike will appreciate this feature. Oftentimes, there is additional equipment in the room using up the wall plug outlets.

Underbed lights can also be added, improving safety by illuminating the area where the resident gets in and out of bed to help prevent falls.

Features You Might Not Want To Leave Up to the Resident

Zenith9100APS Bed in Trendelenburg Position

This is often the case with the high/low feature or Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions. These features can easily be locked out by the caregiver with the staff control at the foot of the bed.

New Features?

Who knows! Surely more plug-in features will be here before you know it. Technology is changing every day, but utilizing smart electronics is the best way to keep up with these advances.

Lower costs! Advances have made it possible to produce highly complex digital circuits at lower costs. That is some good news!

Digital electronics are standard in every new Zenith and Matrix bed from Basic American Medical Products.

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Nancy Prossick is Marketing Manager at Graham-Field.


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