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National Assisted Living Week, September 13 – 19: CARING IS ESSENTIAL

A hero is someone who voluntarily walks into the unknown … Tom Hanks September 13th – 19th is National Assisted Living Week. “Caring is Essential” is this year’s theme for the week, and it honors the essential workers who have courageously come to the forefront to help those who reside in assisted living facilities during the current pandemic. Simply put,

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National Grandparents Day — Our Caregivers, Our Friends

Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins … Joyce Allston A warm hug and smile. Fresh baked cookies. A long talk on the front porch on a hot summer day. Your caregiver. Your support. What memories and experiences with your grandparents bring you joy? This year, September 13th is National Grandparents Day. Let’s come together

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A Total Design Solution — Complete Commitment To Your Extended Care Project

In Graham Field’s family of offerings, one of the benefits we are most proud to offer to our Extended Care clients is the expertise of our Interior Design Team. Our designers, working along with the rest of our Basic American division, provide a passionate, caring, Total Design Solution that our customers have come to love and appreciate! Far more than

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Graham-Field Is Proud to Introduce the John Bunn® Finger Pulse Oximeter

Atlanta, Georgia, August 14, 2020: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) is proud to introduce the John Bunn® JB02020 Finger Pulse Oximeter. The JB02020 Finger Pulse Oximeter provides simple, fast, accurate oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate measurements. Its lightweight, compact design makes it an ideal solution for home, clinical, and EMS settings. Standard Features Lightweight, pocket-size solution

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Lighting The Way For Healthier Communities — August 9-15th is National Health Center Week 2020

What does the word community mean to you? More than likely, you will think about the place where you live with others. In times of trial, we turn to our community for help and strength to get through the bad times. The Health Centers in our communities shine a light of hope and healing that helps many through the ordeal

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Our New Normal: Facing Medical Care After Coronavirus

Doctor visits have changed, in our post-coronavirus world. What challenges do patients and healthcare workers face as far as medical care is concerned in our new normal? Even as you make your appointment, you may notice some changes in procedure. You may be asked to wear a face covering for your appointment. Also, you will likely answer coronavirus-related questions before

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GF Health Products, Inc. is Proud to Introduce Cup Holder

Atlanta, Georgia, July 15, 2020: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) is proud to introduce the convenient, user-friendly, snap-on cup holder, designed to provide easy access to a bottle or cup while using a mobility device. Standard Features As shown above, cup holder easily snaps and adjusts onto wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, canes, walkers and rollators with tubing diameter

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National Eye Injury Prevention Month: Taking Care of Your Eyes as You Stay Home

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Ben Franklin July is National Eye Injury Prevention Month Many of us are spending more time at home these days — did you know that nearly half of all eye injuries occur in the home?¹ In an article on American Academy of Ophthalmology’s (AAO) website, Kierstan Boyd brings out

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June is National Safety Month — Saving Lives and Preventing Injuries from the Workplace to Anyplace

Safety in our post-Coronavirus world — our new normal will be different for sure. But, with a little patience, planning, and persistence, we can all make this work and keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. June is National Safety Month. What are the challenges to our safety and health we face as we go back to working together?

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Graham-Field is Proud to Introduce the Hausted® HSS Series Surgical Stool

Atlanta, Georgia, June 24, 2020: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) is proud to introduce the Hausted HSS Series Surgical Stool. Standard Features 360° rotating urethane Arm Rests provide comfortable arm positioning 180° Arm Rest Supports provide more stable arm positioning Adjustable Contoured Backrest provides greater comfort Dual-density Foam Seat with DURA-GEL® insert enhances comfort Adjustable height range

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