Aging Solo: A Growing Retirement Trend with Opportunities for Support


Contributor-Icons_Amy-BoughnerAs the silver tsunami of Baby Boomers hits retirement age, more and more of them are aging in place without a significant other or children to assist with their needs or care. The Washington Post reports, “Indeed, 25 million men and women — a whopping one-third of all 75 million baby boomers turning 52 to 70 this year — are doing so sans progeny. That doesn’t count boomer parents who have lost a child or have one who is severely impaired.”

One-third of baby boomers are aging without children or family to assist them, but unfortunately the mindset within the HME community is that a growing number of seniors will have their adult children shopping for their homecare needs. 33% of the time, this won’t be the case.

It’s important to consider both upside and downside to living solo, and have a support network in place for seniors who are aging independently at home.

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Whether it’s our bathroom safety products, aids to daily living, or Patriot Homecare Bed Series® for the bedroom, Graham-Field has a variety of products that can help seniors stay independent while feeling safer in their own homes.

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Aging Solo: Plan Now for Your Future Needs

As a growing number of seniors age in place without a family for support, it’s important to plan ahead for their needs and to help them consider those adjustments before they need to be made, so plans can be put in place for their long-term care, whether at home or in a facility.

As a DME provider, consider talking to your customer about the pros and cons of aging solo.

Offer ideas for help and support in these areas via your newsletter, in-store promotions, and local advertising.

Up to a third of your local Baby Boomer community fits that description, and they’ll thank you with their business if you speak to their ongoing, individual needs in a caring, supportive way.

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Amy Boughner is a Technical Writer at Graham-Field.

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