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A walker or rollator can help you or your loved one maintain independence by allowing you to walk alone, without assistance. These mobility aids provide a wonderful service to the aging population! Research has shown that they contribute to self-esteem, since losing your independence can have a negative impact. But what happens when your stature and lack of knowledge about what’s out there leave you using an unstable cane or walker not designed for you?

Height can pose a unique challenge for mobility-impaired individuals, making walking even more difficult, if not impossible, for someone who already struggles. Many standard rollators are not adjustable to a suitable handle or seat height for taller individuals, resulting in their having to bend uncomfortably to reach the handles. This negatively affects comfort, posture and gait. Choosing an appropriate rollator can help you have a safe, sturdy and comfortable solution for your everyday movements.

Rollator height is probably the main concern for a tall individual, who will need a rollator with handles that adjust to a higher-than-standard setting to avoid using it in a bent over or hunched position. Your healthcare professional will always prefer that when using a mobility aid, you maintain good posture to avoid back strain. The handles should be comfortably positioned so they are level with your hip joint.

Rollator seat height is also important. With a seat positioned too low, standing up and sitting down can strain the knees, hips and lower back. An ideal seat height is one that allows you to sit safely and comfortably without too much effort.

Lumex Allura Rollator, shown open (left) and folded (right)

The Lumex Allura Rollator Series is designed to offer comfort as well as a sleek solution to mobility for individuals taller than 6 feet. The LX version is designed with handles that easily adjust from 37” to 42”, and the higher-than-standard seat — at 26″ — is ideal to reduce knee strain when sitting.

The lightweight aluminum frame makes the rollator very maneuverable, both at home and when out and about. The crossbrace design allows side-to-side folding, making it easy to transport, while still providing rollator frame stability. The Allura offers a flexible, padded back support for added comfort when seated. Its easy-to-operate locking quick-stop loop brakes and large 8” casters make it easy to maneuver and control, no matter where you go. A removable carry pouch provides storage of personal items, and the well-placed cane holder and curb stepper make it even more of a convenient mobility solution.

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Cynthia Counts is Vice President of Product Management & Homecare SBU at Graham-Field.

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