Selecting a Suitable Dialysis Recliner for Soothing Patient Care


Lawrence de la Haba

Undergoing dialysis is often a painful, time-consuming, and uncomfortable procedure for the patient. For the caregiver, the challenges come in preparing a patient, cleaning a dialysis station, and caring for the patient while they are undergoing the procedure.

Using a comfortable, adjustable recliner especially made for dialysis procedures can go a long way in helping both the patient’s and the care provider’s comfort level.

How do you assess which dialysis recliner is best for the patient, caregiver and facility? What key features must a recliner have to be comfortable for the patient as well as an efficient piece of equipment that can be integrated into a facility’s dialysis treatment protocol?

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Lumex Has the Answer

Since 1946, Lumex® has been producing medical equipment that makes the treatment and care of patients easier and more cost effective, while enhancing the lives of patients and those who care for them.

A member of the Graham-Field family of brands,  Lumex offers a line of clinical care recliners made to deliver maximum comfort.

Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care ReclinerTrendelenburg Position

For example, the Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner sets a new standard of comfort for the patient and ease of use for the caregiver by featuring:

  • A unique patent-pending recline mechanism that enables the patient to position the back from TV position to full recline.
  • A wide, contoured seat and back that provide an enhanced level of comfort in all positions.
  • Built-in arm pads in the back give improved support for the arms while in any reclined position. Additionally, wall saver armrest caps increase durability of the armrests and protect walls from marring.
  • lumexEasy to achieve Trendelenburg position. No more cables or handles, the Trendelenburg position can be actuated from either side of recliner by a convenient foot pedal allowing the caregiver to maintain eye contact with the patient.
  • Easily removed “pop-out” side panels enable easy access to recliner for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Four Tente® swivel casters facilitate transport and maneuverability in confined areas. Left and right rear top-locking casters provide positive lock. Directional wheel lock on right rear caster reduces “crabbing” of recliner and enables the chair to be moved down hallways with less effort.
  • Durable, high-impact side tables sit flush with chair arm to conveniently hold prep materials. Easy to actuate by caregiver.
  • Weight bearing capacity: 350 Pounds.

Your patients come from all walks of life. Regardless of their circumstances, using a soothing, adjustable recliner especially made for dialysis procedures can go a long way in helping the patient’s comfort level.

There’s No Substitute for Comfort


Lumex Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner in Dolce Moss Upholstery

Just try sitting still for five minutes. The human body naturally moves to maintain proper circulation, keep muscles flexing, and reduce pressure on compressed parts of the body.

Now imagine trying to sit still for four hours while undergoing dialysis!

Providing a comfortable recliner for long term sitting is of paramount importance for patients undergoing dialysis.

To provide maximum patient comfort during any time-intensive healthcare procedure, all Lumex Clinical Care Recliners feature high-density foam in the seat, back and armrests. This gives patients a very comfortable, long term seating surface; combining that with a wider than normal seat width allows patients to more easily shift positions within the recliner. Extra-wide armrests comfortably support the patient in any position.

Blood and dialysis solution can be accidentally spilled during treatment preparation and cleanup.

Every day in your facility, blood and dialysis solution can be accidentally spilled during treatment preparation and cleanup.

Easy Cleaning is the Only Acceptable Option


Lumex Extra-Wide Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner in Invision Harbor Upholstery

Blood and dialysis solution can be accidentally spilled during treatment preparation and cleanup. This demands a recliner with easy-to-clean surfaces and upholstery that can take multiple heavy-duty daily cleanings with bleach solutions and commercial cleaners and disinfectants.

All Lumex Clinical Care Recliners are available in vinyl- or urethane-based fabrics designed specifically for healthcare use.

To enable easier 
patient preparation, Lumex Clinical Care
 Recliners feature two
 plastic fold-down
 side tables. Each
 side table features a completely 
smooth surface with 
no sharp, dirt-catching edges, facilitating cleaning and disinfection.

For beauty, long life, and ease of cleaning and disinfection, Lumex Clinical Care Recliners are available in a beautiful palette
 of over 45 colors to meet the design requirements of interior designers as well as clinicians.

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Ready-Made Dialysis Recliner Service Parts 

We live in a disposable society. But can you afford to aim for the most-cheaply made if you’re responsible for purchasing healthcare recliners for your dialysis clinic?

By its very definition, capital equipment is meant to last.

Heavy institutional use, inadequate preventive maintenance, and a lack of service parts can temporarily put your clinical care recliners out of commission.

Don't let the cost of sub-par patient experiences outweigh your materials savings.

Don’t let the cost of sub-par patient experiences outweigh your equipment savings.


Tente Casters are easily replaced.

The great news is all Lumex Clinical Care Recliners feature components that can quickly and easily be replaced if they become worn or damaged. Armrests, seats, casters, and even recliner mechanisms can be replaced using simple tools.

Combined with a ten-year limited warranty* on the recliner’s steel frame, the ability to replace parts throughout the recliner’s useful life will greatly reduce the cost in use over time of your Lumex Healthcare Recliners.

Consult your Graham-Field representative today to learn more ways that Lumex recliners can improve your patients’ dialysis experience.

* See GF Health Products, Inc. Warranty Statement for Terms and Exclusions.

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Lawrence de la Haba is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Graham-Field.

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