Do the Holidays Have You Stressed Out? Pain Relief to the Rescue!


Do the Holidays have you stressed out? Preparing for house guests, making plans for kids that are out of school, running from this store to the next getting everything you need … the list goes on and on.
This time of year comes with its own unique set of stressful situations which can cause exhaustion and overall pain.
Unfortunately, prescription pills have become the first stop to relieve pain, but there are so many alternatives you can rely on before reaching into the medicine cabinet.
Try turning to healthy alternatives that will get you through the stressful moments so you can be fully present for all the joy this time of year can bring.

Consider the Following Alternative Treatments:

Hot and Cold Therapy

Your in-laws driving you crazy? A cold pack can help with that pounding headache. Your back sore from all that traveling? A moist heat therapy pack can loosen those painful muscles.
You’ll be amazed at how helpful just 20 minutes of hot/cold therapy can be.


Is your lower or upper back starting to ache from trying to keep the kids occupied? TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is an effective way to relieve pain ranging from cramps to chronic pain.

Over the Counter units provide a simple solution, letting you stay active and able to participate with the family.

Compression Products

A little compression can help with so many ailments like varicose vein pain, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, knee injuries, and so much more. Compression sleeves, compression socks, compression bandages, compression masks …

Yoga and Meditation

Your mind can get just as overwhelmed as your body during the Holidays. Yoga, a brain-body exercise that employs breath control, meditation, and movement, has been used to treat pain for thousands of years. It is a unique exercise form in that it combines both mental and physical fitness.
Living through the holidays well can be a serious challenge. Many of us take it upon ourselves to work extra hours to provide a happy holiday for everyone in the family. We cook dinners, wrap gifts, and host guests. The most important of all is spending that quality time with friends and family. Don’t let your to-do list get the better of you. Take time to treat your stress, exhaustion, and pain so you can take in the full wonders of this season.

The information offered here is not medical advice and is not intended to replace guidance offered by your medical professionals.


Shelby Kenney is an Associate Product Manager at Graham-Field.

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