Happy Holidays! It’s Time for Food, Family, and Festivities!


Yes, it’s that time of year again! The time when family and friends get together to celebrate.

I’m so excited … this time it’s my turn to host the party! And while I can’t wait to see my family and friends, I know that the party will present some challenges. There is Aunt Cindy who has nut allergies. Then there is my Uncle Joe who must avoid gluten. And I can’t forget my best friend Suzie; since she is diabetic, she must think carefully about her diet. Niece April and her husband John haven’t announced their pregnancy, and April has sworn me to secrecy — I cannot tell the rest of the family. But since she’s pregnant, she needs to avoid raw foods such as those found in some eggnog recipes¹. So, what to do? How do you have fun and still be a good host or hostess?

How do you keep from turning party time into extended potty time for others?

Preparation is Key

With all the available social media, email, and text options, it is easier than ever to communicate with family and friends. I would recommend to everyone, even for a small family gathering, use the modern tools today to inform others of your food plans and ask for their feedback.

Make your guests’ needs part of the fun.

For instance, I am making two batches of my very favorite brownie recipe, one with nuts and one without. Then I will make fun, festive signs for each plate, indicating which have nuts and which don’t. I plan to eliminate any stress by calling my family members with questions about their dietary restrictions, if I have any doubts about any of the dishes that I plan to include in the party.

Then I receive a call with a problem I didn’t expect. My cousin Sara has broken a bone. She is embarrassed to have to tell me, but a regular toilet sits far too low for her in her current condition. Quickly I head online and find Grahamfield.com. What a relief! I discover a raised toilet seat that will be just what Sara needs. I have to smile as I also see that Graham-Field offers a camouflage cane, a great gift for Uncle Steve, a Vietnam veteran. Or that bath seat to help everyone in many ways.

Let The Fun Begin!

There! I’ve made all the plans. Carefully, I’ve planned out a festive meal where I think I have taken everyone into consideration. So, let the fun begin. Here comes Aunt Cindy! After we hug, I point her to the nut-free brownie plate. Uncle Joe pats me on the back as he surveys the signs near the plates indicating the gluten-free options. And there is my dear friend Suzie! I smile at her deep sigh of relief as she sees the options that will work within her diabetic diet.

Now it’s my turn! Let’s have fun, celebrate!

¹ Foodsafety.gov


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