Graham-Field Welcomes Congressman Glenn Grothman


Atlanta, Georgia, January 3, 2017, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Graham-Field® Welcomes Congressman Glenn Grothman

On December 20, 2016, GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”), Fond du Lac Manufacturing welcomed Congressman Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District. The Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations, Kurt Hellman, conducted a brief plant tour to highlight the facility’s product lines and plant capabilities. Following the tour, Mr. Grothman addressed the Fond du Lac team with a question and answer session.

Congressman Grothman is an advocate of bringing manufacturing back to the U.S.A., and his voting supports this position, aligning directly with GF Health Products, Inc.’s “Made in USA” initiative. The Fond du Lac team members appreciate the support that Congressman Grothman is providing to assist in growing and sustaining their manufacturing operation.

Interesting U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Regarding the Wisconsin 6th District:

  • The 6th District is No. 1  in the nation with 80,000 jobs in terms of total manufacturing employment, followed by the 3rd District in Indiana, which has 76,200.
  • Those jobs equate to 22.6 percent of the  6th District’s 353,700 people in the workforce, ranking third in the country behind two districts in Indiana.
  • Four Wisconsin congressional districts (the 1st, 5th 6th, and 8th) are in the top eleven nationally, in terms of manufacturing jobs.
  • Wisconsin ranks as the nation’s No. 2 state in percentage of total employment that are manufacturing jobs. The 458,400 manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin equate to about 16.3 percent of the state workforce.

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