Graham-Field Partners With Mercy Ships to Help Developing Nations


Contributor-Icons_Olivia-FrederickGF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) is embarking on a new journey with Mercy Ships to help provide critical care to those most in need. As part of this Community Giving effort, we will be donating medical equipment to help support Mercy Ships’ surgical care efforts in Africa and other medically underserved locations.

Created in 1978 by Don Stephens, Mercy Ships is an international charity that delivers free, world-class healthcare services to medically-underserved nations worldwide.

Mercy Ships has performed over 79,000 life-saving surgeries in 587 ports, according to

Arial footage and photographs captured from drone on the sail.

Mercy Ships is able to provide healthcare to so many individuals by operating a fleet of hospital ships. Each ship docks in an impoverished city for 10 months, while treating as many individuals as their staff is able.

Healthcare is just one part of their outreach mission; within that 10-month time span, Mercy Ships also builds schools and clinics to support the community after the ship departs. In this way Mercy Ships strengthens the quality of life wherever it anchors.

©2016 Mercy Ships - Photo Credit Katie Keegan - Ward Nurse Lucie HOMRICH (DEU) cares for a patient

“We are proud to partner with Mercy Ships and its 1,400 volunteers in their mission to make healthcare accessible to developing nations. We are specifically supporting their ophthalmic surgery projects in impoverished communities with in-kind donations of our Hausted stretchers,” states Graham-Field CEO Ken Spett.

Graham-Field will be donating Hausted stretchers to Mercy Ships, in support of their ophthalmic surgery program.

Graham-Field will be donating Hausted equipment to Mercy Ships, in support of their ophthalmic surgery program.

Donations Make Up Just One Part of the Mercy Ship Effort

All Mercy Ship staff members, including doctors, are volunteers who not only given their time but also pay their own way. These brave individuals devote their time and money to support Mercy Ships’ mission of care, with the goal of saving lives around the world.

© 2016 Mercy Ships, Photo Credit Ruben Plomp; Sasimeny (MGC09516) with Jenny MULLIS (USA) Ward NurseMercy Ships Logo - Hi ResWe hope Graham-Field’s partnership with Mercy Ships will help keep the organization sailing for many years to come.

To read more about Mercy Ships, visit their website.

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Olivia Frederick is a Marketing Associate at Graham-Field.

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