Color! Who Doesn’t Love Color?


Color!! Who loves color? ME, ME, ME!! Here is a look through my designer eyes to the world of color in senior living environments.



Green is totally considered a neutral in my book, as it coordinates well with most colors. I mean, that is the definition of a neutral, right? Look how well a good army green works with … UM … EVERYTHING!!!


Red Hot

My favorite college football team is red, so it is a color winner here, but I must focus on its use in senior living facilities. Rust … rust is the way to go … in the red family, things are going toward rust for the seniors. The orange-red-brown makes it such a warm and cozy color. I find this to be widely used in Southwest projects.


Grey — or is it Gray?

Grey — or is it gray? But really, why the different spellings? Grey (so I think I like the e spelling better) is here to stay, my friends. You can warm it up or cool it down. Add some gold or yellow, and you are able to traditionalize such a contemporary color. Keep it cool with some neutrals and blues.


Feeling Blue

Blue: My FAV! I’m pretty sure I love all shades and hues of blue. Navy — absolutely … such a classic color! Sky — stunning! Turquoise — yes, please! You can take this contemporary or transitional! Royal — indeed! Sea foam — WELL maybe I don’t like ALL shades. I must admit that sea foam is still rearing its ugly head in a number of older properties waiting for a renovation.


Pretty in Pink

Pink: Pantone’s color of the year 2019 is Living Coral — What a warm, vibrant color. I can see why this was the color of the year — just take a look at all the fashion magazines! I can’t say that this has made it to the senior living environment yet, unless it is a pop here or there. But it’s coming!!

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