Bathroom Safety: How to Choose the Right Commode?

The doctor has recommended a commode or raised toilet seat for the home. There are so many choices for commodes and raised toilet seats!

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the appropriate commode for each unique situation.

What IS a Commode?

To begin, a commode actually has three functions.  It can be used as a raised toilet seat, a toilet safety frame, or as a bedside commode for those that don’t have the strength to navigate to the bathroom and don’t want to use a bedpan or diapers.

There are many reasons to buy a commode. A patient may be aging in place and require bedside toileting, recovering from a fall and temporarily unable to navigate to the bathroom, or unable to lower themself down to or stand up from a conventional toilet. Some commodes are also suitable for use as a shower chair or transfer device, and wheeled commodes may also be suitable for short-distance transport.

Figuring Out the Specific Needs of the Intended User is Key to Choosing the Appropriate Commode

Will a commode need to be transported often or is space an issue?
Will a commode need to be moved out of the way often inside a home?
Will a commode be used as a toilet safety frame?
Will the user need to transfer from a wheelchair?
Will the user be moved while seated on the commode?
Does the user have sensitive skin?
Will the user spend long periods of time sitting on the commode?
Is the user large or heavy?
Are budget and cost an issue?

All Lumex commodes come with a commode pail and lid, making them appropriate for bedside use. The removable commode pail can be replaced with the included splashguard, making the commode appropriate over an existing toilet as a raised toilet seat and toilet safety frame.

Lumex commodes include several models ranging from 300 to 650 lb maximum weight capacity.

Never exceed the weight capacity of a commode; this could be dangerous and even fatal.

It is best to discuss the situation with a medical professional to determine which commode best fits the user’s needs. The perfect home commode  is likely just a short search away!


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Amy Boughner is a Technical Writer at Graham-Field.

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