The Rehab Shower Commode — Improving The Quality of Life

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC), approximately 17,000 new Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) occur every year.¹ Estimates are that in 2016, approximately 282,000 people in the United States were living with SCI. Statistics also show that approximately 81% of spinal cord injuries have occurred in males, with the main causes being 1) vehicular crashes, 2) falls, and 3) acts of violence (typically

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Care Coordination — Creating the Network

Seeing multiple doctors for one ailment can be overwhelming, especially for the chronically ill — but for many patients it is necessary. The communication between healthcare entities is fundamental in treating patients, yet frequently does not happen. As patients are referred to more specialists for treatment, they should become familiar with “care coordination”. Care coordination is the organization of health services between

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Let’s Celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day®

For Informational Purposes Only May 31, 2017, is the 24th annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day®.The common goal for this day: to help keep older Americans healthy and fit. Between 2014 and 2050, the world population over 60 years of age will nearly double from 12% to 22%. This year the theme of World Health Day by the WHO

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Digital Electronics Meet Extended Care Beds

It’s a smart move to use smart technology electronics. Technology has an impact on how we operate every day. What’s Important about Beds in an Extended Care Facility? Reliability Reliability is imperative. Caregivers have too many other things to worry about; bed functionality shouldn’t add to their list of concerns. Digital bed electronics produce consistent results every time, while analog electronic

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Choosing a Healthcare Mattress: How to Decide?

Given all the choices in the support surface market, choosing the right mattress for your home or facility can be a difficult decision. This decision can be made easier by clearly defining the needs of you, your loved one, or your residents. What Does Your Resident Need? When shopping for healthcare mattresses, be sure to consider these questions ahead of time to ensure the best choice.

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Act Now! Develop a Fall Prevention and Protection Program

Whether caring for a patient at home or in a facility, fall prevention, and protection can be a major challenge. Patients with higher risk factors such as lower body muscle weakness, balance or vision issues, and memory disorders require intervention to minimize the risk of injury from falling. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 800,000

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Graham-Field Introduces 10 NEW Zenith and Matrix Beds

Atlanta, Georgia, April 1, 2017: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Graham-Field Introduces 10 NEW Zenith and Matrix Beds from Basic American Medical Products® GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) is proud to introduce the Matrix4100 / 4100APS, Matrix5100 / 5100APS, Matrix6100 / 6100APS, Zenith7100 / 7100APS, and Zenith9100 / 9100APS extended care bed models. In addition to many of the patented features found

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Happy New Year! First Resolution … Let’s Exercise!

When we make new year resolutions, we are seeking happiness, health, well-being, and new beginnings. First come the Holidays, followed by the end of December, then the beginning of January, and … here we go again, trying to set a goal for regular exercise, always the first resolution for a healthier beginning. Establishing the routine and finding the discipline to stick to it have always been the

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Aging Solo: A Growing Retirement Trend with Opportunities for Support

As the silver tsunami of Baby Boomers hits retirement age, more and more of them are aging in place without a significant other or children to assist with their needs or care. The Washington Post reports, “Indeed, 25 million men and women — a whopping one-third of all 75 million baby boomers turning 52 to 70 this year — are doing

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