Basic American Client Success Stories: The Crossing at Clarity Hospice



Note: The following is part of a series of Customer Success Stories we are sharing as encouragement and inspiration for current and future Basic American clients.  Learn more about our complimentary interior design services here.  We hope you enjoy this interview with Basic American Marketing Manager Nancy Prossick.

We arrived at The Crossing at Clarity Hospice in Baton Rouge to discover a new facility with open boxes everywhere! Furniture had been located in each room per the specifications of our designer. For this facility, we had agreed to do the artwork and accessorizing on location too.

It’s amazing to see all that is needed to furnish a facility with 16 private patient rooms and a few common areas!

Our photographer was arriving the next day, so we had to get busy. We made at least 15 trips in a large SUV to various stores and came back loaded down with artwork, accessories, throw pillows, lamps, light bulbs and more. We even made a trip to the owners’ home to pick up artwork and accessories that they decided we could use as well. We worked well into the evening.

As our designer decided where artwork should be placed throughout the facility and marked the hanging height for each, a considerate contractor accompanied us and hung each one. We set up each resident room, arranging bedspreads, assist rails, overbed tables, and lamps.

Crossing_Veterans Room with Flag

Each room was unique in its artwork and style to evoke a more personalized, homelike feel. One room was even set up for veterans, with a strong patriotic theme as well as donated frame art and encased flag. Each room also included a sleeper chair for family members who might wish to spend the evening.


Bright and Cheery Kitchen

The kitchen needed to be bright and cheery as a respite for family members; we were very pleased with the room’s appearance after we finished accessorizing.

Crossing_Play Area

Children’s Play Area

A children’s area is becoming very popular in hospice facilities, since grandchildren and great grandchildren often visit. They need a place where they can sit and self-entertain. The First Choice sales rep assembled the child-sized table and chairs.

We resumed the setup the next morning and early afternoon. It was rewarding to see the completed project and to see how happy the owners, Dana and Mike Cassidy, were with the building’s final design.

Frank enlisted his son to bring us dinner, since we were still working again into the evening. It was a much appreciated break, although all agreed our time spent was well worth the effort!

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Nancy Prossick is Marketing Manager, Extended Care at Graham-Field

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