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While many bemoan the loss of American manufacturing to overseas outsourcing, many companies here in America have been steadily increasing not only the number of products manufactured in the USA, but have greatly expanded their domestic production capacity. According to the Institute of Supply Management, the Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) was at 57% for the month of June 2017, signaling the 97th straight month of economic growth in the manufacturing sector.¹

Superior Performance — Unique Attributes

Having the ability to make something allows you to manage the features and benefits that go into your product. This enables you to create unique products that can address specific customer needs that commodity products may not be able to.

The GF Health Products, Inc. (“Graham-Field”) Grafco® Silver Nitrate line is the perfect example of a product that has been made continuously in the USA. Silver Nitrate Applicators were originally manufactured in 1906 in New York; Graham-Field currently manufactures them in our Warwick, Rhode Island factory, offering physicians a superior product manufactured in an ISO 13485:2003-certified facility, to ensure the highest quality. With chemists on hand inspecting each batch, Grafco Silver Nitrate Applicators offer a larger quantity of Silver Nitrate than many imported products.

What this means to you  Knowing where they are made and what goes into the products you buy is critical.

Make sure you’re not settling for inferior products, especially where a product’s performance has a direct correlation to the treatment outcome.


While there may be some reasons to manufacture offshore, according to the Forbes Leadership Forum:

“Customers have come to expect short delivery windows. With services like Amazon Prime, consumers are accustomed to delivery within one or two days, if not the same day. Offshore manufacturers need to store disproportionally large amounts of inventory to accommodate these expectations. But keeping inventory is costly—it requires space, energy, and labor; it gets lost, stolen, spoiled, and damaged”

This means that manufacturers that can keep inventory close to the customer, with the ability to quickly customize a product, have a distinct advantage.

Lumex® Clinical Care Healthcare Seating, manufactured in Graham-Field’s Atlanta manufacturing facility, is available in a wide array of colors, fabrics and features that an imported product simply cannot cost-effectively offer. These vital healthcare products are not one size fits all, from either a feature or color perspective.

Having the ability to customize the recliner on the manufacturing line is much more efficient and allows enhanced service levels.

What this means to you → When selling a product, the more you can customize a product to meet a specific set of needs, the better. In today’s competitive healthcare environment, product selection is often made by a product review committee.

Being able to meet a wide variety of requirements is a key to success when presenting a product.

Market Expansion

“Made in the USA” still has a certain cachet and desirability around the world. — it signifies quality and innovation. According to a frequently cited study from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 60 percent of Chinese consumers would be willing to pay more for a product labeled “Made in the USA”. ³


The Hausted® Stretcher and Chair Patient Handling system represents a product line that has seen significant growth worldwide because it is designed and manufactured in the USA. Manufactured in the Graham-Field Fond-du-Lac, Wisconsin facility, Hausted stretchers and chairs have been sold into the European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

In each of these markets, the source of the product is a key selling point.

What this means to you → Products made in the USA have worldwide appeal due to their reputation for innovation and quality. When presenting these products to customers here and abroad, make sure they’re aware that not only are the products Made in the USA, but that the products represent years of research and development with a focus on quality.


So on this Fourth of July, think about the many products that are still being made in the USA and how each product made here represents American jobs, American tax revenue, and the worldwide growth opportunities Made in the USA products represent!


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Lawrence de la Haba is Senior Vice President of Business Development and Shelby Kenney is an Associate Product Manager at Graham-Field.

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