4 Keys to Success in Planning Healthcare Seating


Lawrence de la HabaComfort in care is the foundation for a standard of excellence in a healthcare environment.  With today’s reimbursement based on patient satisfaction, led by the HCAHPS Patient Satisfaction Survey, healthcare facilities need to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable from the time they are admitted until they are discharged.

It’s important to start off a patient’s visit on the right note with a comfortable seat in a peaceful environment.

Below are four ways you can improve the clinical healthcare seating in your facility while ensuring that safety and comfort remain the focus point of your patients’ experience. 

Lumex Ortho-Biotic II Recliner Graham-Field exam room

  1. Make Your Healthcare Seating Part of the Overall Design of the Facility.
    With over 40 colors and fabrics, Lumex Healthcare Seating can match almost any décor.  This wide selection of colors allows Lumex Recliners to be integrated into the overall color block of patient rooms and clinical care areas.Color options are viewable on the Lumex Healthcare Seating Swatch Card.
  1. Assess Your Patient Base Requirements.
    The weight capacity of standard Lumex Clinical Care Recliners is 350 pounds.  For patients over 350 pounds, Graham-Field offers Bariatric versions of our recliners including the Lumex Powered Bariatric Recliner that can handle patients up to 700 pounds.
Graham-Field Lumex FR588W Powered Bariatric Recliner

Graham-Field Lumex FR588W Powered Bariatric Recliner

  1. Color Code your Lumex Healthcare Seating to the Floor / Department.
    This makes inventory control and equipment tracking easier.
  2. Integrate Lumex Seating with Hausted®, Everest and Jennings™ and Simmons Clinical Care®.
    Lumex Healthcare Seating, Hausted Stretchers and Procedure Chairs, Simmons Clinical Care Therapeutic Support Systems and Everest & Jennings Wheelchairs deliver an integrated solution to patient care and treatment throughout any facility.

lumex healthcare seating patient experience

With the quality standard consistently delivered across the Graham-Field brand family, your patients will feel safe and comfortable when being treated for hours in a Lumex Clinical Recliner or recovering after a surgical procedure in a Hausted Procedure Chair.

Comfort in the Spotlight: LUMEX ORTHO-BIOTIC II RECLINER 

Combining clinical care features with a more “home like design”, the new Lumex Ortho-Biotic II Recliner not only provides all the features of a clinical care recliner but does so in a beautiful package.

Lumex Ortho-Biotic II Recliner Graham-Field

Lumex Ortho-Biotic II Recliner Graham-Field

Patient controlled recline positions, visco-elastic foam in the seat and back plus an adjustable head / neck rest all combine to make the Lumex Ortho-Biotic II Recliner a comfortable haven for the patient.

Four inch locking casters and a pull-put footrest allows the recliner to safely transport patients from one area of the facility to another.  Optional IV Pole and Side Table increase the versatility of the recliner.

LUMEX ORTHO-BIOTIC II RECLINER positions graham-field

Patient Satisfaction Begins with Your Choice 

johnsphonewildGetting the basics right during a patient visit is critical to maintaining a consistent satisfaction level.  Let us help you start by offering your patients the best seat in the house, right from the start!

Graham-Field representatives are happy to assist with your color selection and style review of Lumex Clinical Care Recliners made specifically with your patients’ safety and comfort in mind.  Let us walk you through our quick and easy guide to seating recommendations that provide the care experience you hope to deliver, and more!

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Lawrence de la Haba is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Graham-Field.

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